Your vehicle is programmed to warn you as soon as it detects a problem or potential issue with dashboard warning lights - Obey these lights or strange sounds and act quickly to avoid a breakdown and save money

Dashboard warning lights because of car squeaks and strange sounds


  • Engine Management Systems are programmed to warn you of problems via lights on your dashboard
  • Brake pads are designed to make a high-pitched squeak when they get low, so you can change them before they fail
  • Fix problems now before they have a knock-on (and more expensive) effect and save money in the future


Got a dashboard warning light? Find and fix the problems quickly

Do you have a persistant warning light on your vehicle's dashboard? Are you hearing a strange squeak from a wheel? Get these problems checked out as soon as possible. Just like us mortals are encouraged to visit the doctor if we have an ailment - Your car will need to go to a garage and have that issue sorted and the sooner it's diagnosed and fixed, the less likely bigger, more expensive problems are to emerge.


Fix it sooner rather than later...

The longer you leave it the more damage it could be doing to your vehicle. If the oil light comes on and you don't replenish the oil then you can expect some major components under the bonet to start to fail.

Often this can be the water pump siezing which can lead to your car overheating and eventually the head gasket will fail. Total repair bill = £500+. This could have been avoided by putting some more oil in the engine for around £20.


The easiest way to understand car problems and how they start and then escalate is to compare them with illnesses. A car gets an illness and if it's treated promptly it will go away and hopefully never return.

The real issues start when the original problem is ignored; The problem can get worse and impact other things, significantly increasing the repair bill - And the time your car will be off-the-road for.


Don't ignore dash lights and weird noises

Don't ingore those warning signs - Dash lights, squeaks and creaks or unusual feeling in the steering or brakes are telltale signs that something is amiss. A quick trip to the garage to get the issue diagnosed (and repaired) can save you a fortune in the long run.


Avoid a breakdown - Keep your car running smoothly and get problems fixed quickly by professionals to ensure the smooth and worry free running of your vehicle. If you can hear a strange noise, be it a knocking sound when you go over a bump or squeaking from the wheel or engine bay, be sure to get it checked out as soon as possible or you could find yourself in an inconvenient or even very dangerous breakdown situation.

When it comes to selling the car those receipts for quick, professional car repairs show potential buyers that you've looked after the car.



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