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Advertise a clean motorhome - Wash and clean it inside out

It seems obvious that when you're planning to advertise motorhomes for sale, a clean camper will sell far easier than a campervan which is mucky on the outside and cluttered and dirty on the inside. But there's a difference between cleaning your motorhome and really scrubbing it to show it off at it's very best.

Motorhomes can easily get very dirty. Long journeys as well as muddy fields and camp sites can take their toll on the vehicle and it's essential that you keep it clean as often as possible. Cleaning your motorhome regularly should include giving the paintwork a sponge down and hose or jetwash the wheel arches and under the camper.

Don't fotget to get the hoover in the inside of your motorhome and take out any rubbish.

There are plenty of great cleaning products available from all good shops, petrol stations and supermarkets which can make cleaning any area of your motorhome easy.


Good quality photographs

You have a motorhome so that you can enjoy the great outdoors. It's not an ornament and you can't keep it wrapped in bubblewrap, it's there to be enjoyed - So there will always be a chance that you'll pick up marks, scratches or dents. Get photos of any marks on the motorhome you want to sell to show buyers exactly what they're getting within the advert - This way there won't be any dissapointment when they come to view it and less cause for having to lower your asking price.

Take photos from as many angles as possible, inside and out so that buyers can see in great detail just how perfect your motorhome will be for them!


Write and accurate, in-depth description

Alongside your motorhome advertisement's photos, it's really important when you want to sell your car that you give as much detail in the description about what's good and what's bad about it.

Buyers will want to know the mileage and general history of the motorhome as well as other information including any upgrades from the factory or aftermarket extras, any recent work which has been carried out which may save the buyer money, the facilities within the campervan, the engine size, the power, the age and how well looked after the it's been.


Gather up all the paperwork, receipts & spare key

As with any vehicle, buyers are more comfortable spending money on a motorhome which has been looked after, serviced regularly and the proof is available to them. Get together as much paperwork as possible for the motorhome you're selling so that you can demonstrate how well you have maintained the vehicle easily if a buyer comes to view. A spare key is always a great addition to any vehicle sale, if you know the spare key is kicking around somewhere then have a good look. It's a great bonus if you have it to hand over when you sell.


Be contactable, be friendly

Remember, anyone who calls or emails you with interest in the advertised motorhome or campervan is a potential customer. Be prepared for when the phone rings, try not to miss the call. If you get an email or text then be sure to reply promptly so the interested party doesn't lose interest and go off to buy someone else's motorhome!



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