Keep your car clean and you won't just have the shiniest vehicle on your street - You'll deter rust and deterioration and you're also going a long way to increasing the vehicle's value when it comes to selling it on...

Keeping your car clean

  • Keeping your vehicle clean will prevent rust and deterioration
  • Regular cleaning and polishing can help maintain a car's value


Keep your vehicle clean

It's simple, probably suprisingly obvious, but it's very true. Keeping your car clean will maintain the paintwork and deter the degeneration of panels and components.

There's a psychological advantage to cleaning your car too; If you regularly clean your car you'll appreciate the vehicle more and naturally want to look after it better. So it's a win win - And the end result will be that the resale value will be higher as your car is gleaming amoungst other cars which aren't so well maintained.


Keep your car clean all year round

In the summer dusty air can leave grit and dirt in every nook and cranny, dirtying your windows and encouraging the deterioration of metalwork around the vehicle's body.

In the Winter months a build up of mud, grit from salted roads and general harsh weather will all contribute to a dirty car.

Keep them clean and you'll find that your car's body work will last longer and the cleaning goes a long way to preventing rust patches appearing as your vehicle gets older.


Cleaning inside your vehicle

Internally, it's easy to leave rubbish laying around. Spilled drinks and dropped sweets (moreso when you have children in the vehicle) can easily stain the upholstry leaving you with patches on your seats. Rubbish also encourages bad smells - So remember to clean your car out as often as possible to keep the inside smelling fresh.



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