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Clean it - Scrub the van down inside and out

It seems obvious that a clean van will sell far easier than a van which is mucky on the outside and cluttered and dirty on the inside. But there's a difference between cleaning your van and really scrubbing it to show it off at it's very best.

Work vans can easily get very dirty. When you're out working in your van all day and you're tired by the time you get home in the evening, the last thing you want to do is clean the van. But when it comes to selling up you might want to consider really going to town on the scrubbing - Get in to the floor with a powerful cleaning agent and a bush - You'll be suprised at just how clean your van can be without the muddy footprints and aged muck and dust in the floor lining, seats and dash.


Good quality photographs

IUnlike cars which are often very predictible with what they might look like in and out, vans have been worked and there are often marks, alterations, shelving etc. which make your van very different from another seller with the same model.

Take photos from as many angles as possible, inside and out so that buyers can see in great detail just how perfect your van will be for them!


Write and accurate, in-depth description

ILongside your photos, it's really important when you want to sell your van that you give as much detail in the description about what's good and what's bad about your van.

Buyers will want to know the mileage and general history of the van but it may also be of interest to know what trade your van has been used in. If you're an electrician, let buyers know that the van has been a great workhorse for your business and that there are useful storage areas which are ideal for an electrician. This works just as well for any other trade too.


Gather up all the paperwork, receipts & spare key

IAs with any vehicle, buyers are more comfortable spending money on a vehicle which has been looked after, serviced regularly and the proof is available to them. Get together as much paperwork as possible for your van so that you can demonstrate how well you have maintained the vehicle easily if a buyer comes to view. A spare key is always a great addition to any vehicle sale, if you know the spare key is kicking around somewhere then have a good look. It's a great bonus if you have it to hand over when you sell.


Be contactable, be friendly

Remember, anyone who calls or emails you with interest in the van you're selling is a potential customer. Be prepared for when the phone rings, try not to miss the call. If you get an email or text then be sure to reply promptly so the interested party doesn't lose interest and seek a different van to buy.



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