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If you're looking to advertise and sell a used car in the UK for free you can:

Create an advert now to get your car in front of 1000's of buyers in towns and cities across the UK; Selling the car for free and then put the money towards a new motor or whatever else you want to spend it on.


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We're giving you free & fast online advertising for your car.


  • Create a quick and easy advert to advertise your car online
  • Get advert enquiries directly to your phone or email inbox
  • Selling your car is free on Selr.co.uk - It doesn't get any more affordable!


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The Selr website was created so that you can sell vehicles in the easiest possible way. Your motor advert will be visible to local and national buyers searching the website quickly and easily.


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Getting the best price for a used car

If you're asking yourself questions like where can I advertise and sell my car online free? then you've found your solution: Selr is the best website in the UK for advertising vehicles and for getting a great price.


Sign up, create your advert and sell any vehicle online quickly and easily anywhere in the United Kingdom. Big or small, 4X4 or a city cars, new, used, working or for parts and spares - There's a buyer near you for your car.


All advertising is available free to everyone, private or trade. So if you're planning to sell your car for £100, £1000 or £20,000 a basic advert will cost you nothing.


Upgraded ads are available and offer maximum exposure for your car advertising at a fraction of the cost. Get a premium advert online in just a few minutes, from as little as £3.99. Create my advert now.



Want to view examples of existing car ads? Head over to: Cars for sale


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We Want Any Car

We've teamed up with the UK buying service We Want Any Car so that you can get an offer for your car and sell it instantly with no hassle. Get a valuation now: Click here to sell your car today.


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Hassle free, completely free.

We've removed the annoying parts from the online vehicle trading, ditching the expense and simplifying the whole process. Advertise a car online today for free and display it to buyers near you and all over the UK: Advertise a car now. It's as quick and easy as you've always wanted it to be.


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