Terms and conditions of using this website

Please read the following terms and conditions in full before continuing to use our website. By creating an advert or submitting any content to selr.co.uk you agree to and are bound by the following terms and conditions in full, without exception. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions can result in your advert being removed from the website and any assosiated fees may be forfeited, as outlined on this page.


Adding a classified advert

By adding a classified advert to this website you agree to the following:

You are the legal owner or official registered keeper of the vehicle you are advertising or the part, accessory or other item which you are advertising or you have express permission from the owner or keeper to advertise the item. All classified advert submissions are manually checked (by humans) and we continue to monitor adverts and amendments for misuse and suspect activity. We reserve the right to edit/remove adverts which contain suspicious or misleading information, at our own discretion, at any time, without prior consent or warning. These terms apply to all adverts and user-added content on the website.

By uploading an image alongside an advert submission you agree that you have explicit permission to use the image. If it is deemed that an image is published to this website without the image owner's permission it will be removed without notice. By submitting images to this website you agree that we may add, edit, amend or re-use images within the website and marketing activities on and off site.

Some items are not allowed to be advertised on selr.co.uk. Adverts containing any of the following may be removed without warning:

  • Fake items being sold as geniune and/or original
  • Stolen items or any item not of your own legal possession

Items may be removed without prior warning and without notice. Any upgraded advert fees are not refundable, in accordance with the refund policy as detailed below.


By registering for the website with the intention of creating one or more classified advertisements you agree that you:

  • are over 18 years old.
  • are a UK based advertiser and are geographically located within the UK or Northern Ireland.
  • have full legal possession of the item which you are or will be advertising.
  • are selling, renting or giving away an item lawfully and with no intention of defrauding or illegally obtaining money or goods as outlined by any or all UK and EU law(s).
  • place your advert(s) in to the most appropriate category within the list of available categories. E.g. a Ford Transit van should be advertised within "Vans for sale".
  • provide the actual location of the advertised item.
  • provide actual, geographical contact information. False, spam, premium rate or non-geographical contact information will be removed.

Failure to comply with any of the above requirements will result in your advert being terminated and your account may be suspended pending investigation. Your information and any information regarding any suspicious activities may be passed to legal or governing authorities without notice.

You are the advert owner and as such you take full responsibility for the advert content and it's legitimacy. 

Classified Adverts (ads)

Selr.co.uk (this website) and associated persons and any third parties associated with the website take no responsibility for the accuracy of classified advert content. Classified adverts and submissions and their content are entirely the responsibility of the submitter. If you have good reason to believe that a classified advert or adverts are being used illegally or is used to misrepresent or defraud potential customers you should flag the advert to us immediately by using the "contact us" form in our contact us page or "Report Abuse" button within the classified advert page.

Content ownership

Selr.co.uk (the website) reserves the right to use advert content, including images/photographs for our own marketing use.

Website content should be unique and should not be copied for use on other websites without our prior consent. 

Sold, rented & items no longer available

Once your item has been sold, rented or is no longer available to website visitors you should log in to your account and archive or delete the advert as soon as possible. This is the only way to stop other interested parties in contacting you through the website regarding your advert.

Disputing an advert

If you would like to dispute an advert within this website you should contact Selr.co.uk (us) with full details. Please note that we are not responsible for classified ad content.

Although every effort is made to ensure adverts gain the best exposure and clicks as well as maximum enquiries on the website, we (Selr.co.uk the website and any associated parties) do not guarantee exposure or sales by using classified ads to sell your items via our website. Adverts placed on the website are the responsibility of the advertiser only and no information provided within classified adverts is guaranteed to be genuine or necessarily true. You should always ensure items are legitimate and do not exchange money/goods before doing so. If you are in any doubt or feel that you may have been conned or an attempt to con you has been made via this website we recommend you contact your local official authorities for assistant and provide them with details of the advert and any communication which you have had with the seller. Paid adverts on Selr.co.uk (obtained by selecting upgrade options when creating, renewing or amending your advert) are optional and guaranteed only to provide the upgrade options selected. There is no guarantee that your item will sell or achieve significant additional exposure, although we do make efforts to assist with the exposure of your advert.



From time to time we may use the email address you provide us with during registration to communicate with you regarding your adverts, promotions, features and offers from us. Communication with you via email is separated in to 2 categories:

  • Content related communication
  • Marketing communication

Content related communication is a mandatory feature when advertising on Selr.co.uk. We will direct ad enquiries and reminders to you via your provided email address. To stop receiving these emails you will need to delete your advert(s) from the website.

Marketing communication may be transmitted to your registered email address from time to time. You can stop this marketing communication by "unsubscribing" via the link within marketing emails, or by contacting us directly with a request to unsubscribe, or by replying to our email to you with an email containing the word "STOP".

Safe Shopping


Do not send money using wire-transfers. This payment method is often hard to trace and do not offer refunds if your item is not genuine or not received.

Always meet the seller/buyer in a public place and show vigilance with regards carrying cash or high-value items with you.

Research the seller

You should always look for signs that you person or company from where you source your items online is reputable.

Remember: If you are in any doubt, don't!


Fees & Refund Policy

Money paid to a seller on behalf of the purchase of a product or service advertised on this website (Selr.co.uk) should be sought as a refund from the seller directly. We (the website, Selr.co.uk) do not handle these payments and so are not responsible for the money, it's handling or any associated refund. You will need to request a refund directly from the seller.

Do not part with any money until you have seen the item yourself.


Additional information regarding payments and refunds

Subscription plans are full and final and cannot be reversed once payment is completed.

We offer full and comprehensive details for all subscription plans which you agree to when signing up for any paid subscription plan.

Refunds can only be granted if: Your plan is no more than 14 days old and either:

Your plan does not include items which were agreed to prior to purchase

You cannot use your plan for any more than 48 consecutive hours by the fault of us (selr.co.uk) - Meaning the website was not functional in part or whole and this stopped you from being able to create new adverts within your plan allowance or any plan allowance features.

Refunds will not be granted in any one or several of the following situations: The advert has commenced (meaning the advert has appeared live on the website selr.co.uk at least once), where a payment has been made willingly, where an advert did not perform beyond a reasonable amount in accordance with the popularity of the website selr.co.uk and the level of traffic usually associated with products within that category. No payment is due or can be refunded for adverts placed which are not part of a paid subscription plan.

No refund can be offered within 48 hours of the expiration of your subscription plan or after the plan has expired, regardless of the terms above.